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Welcome to Temtech North India's Largest Textile Machinery and Yarn Exhibition.

About Temtech


Mr. Sharad Tandon

Mobile No. : +91 93222 60941

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Standon Consulting

Mr. Sharad Tandon (Chairman) is respected for his professional working and organisational skills in textile Industry.

Mr. Govind Sharma

Mobile No. : +91 98290 85976

Email :,

Textile Mirror (Fortnightly Nationwide Textile Newspaper)

Mr. Govind Sharma, Chief Editor of “Textile Mirror” Newspaper, is establishing his credentials by maintaining the high quality of the nationwide circulating fortnightly on textiles in Hindi-English.

Mirror Event Management

Mirror events were established in 2013. This is North India’s most popular event company which organizes International level Exhibition. So far, 2 grand successful exclusive have been done in 2014 and 2016 in Bhilwara.

Mrs. Deepika Sharma, the proprietor of Mirror Events, who founded this company with a master's degree in Exclusive Hindi. Mrs. Sharma has a good experience of media field. Taking advantage of his sister's Concert Textile Mirror, she has established a mirror event by taking advantage of him.

The focus of mirror events is to become Leading Company in the field of exhibition. Whose entire plan is to organize a massive exhibition on different places in India under which textile machinery, fiber and yarn and fabric will be included. This year, the company is going to organize an exhibition of Fashion Fabric in North India after the Exhibition of Machinery and Yarn in Bhilwara from 22 to 24 September 2018.

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